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Page 16 and 17 Notes
Andrew Kokanoutranon

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Page 16 – 17 Notes

Character – Individuals who take part in the action of a story

Main character (protagonist) - Characters of a story that events center around

Minor character – Less prominent characters in a story

Dynamic character – Main characters that often under go change as the plot unfolds

Static character – Main characters that don’t go through any change as the plot unfolds

Setting – The events of a story occur in a particular time a place is the setting

Plot – The chain of related events that take place in a story

Exposition – The lays of groundwork for the plot and provides the reader with essential background information

Inciting – To stir up feelings in or provoke action by somebody

Incident – Something that happens, especially a single event

Rising Action – difficulties for the main characters and making the conflict more difficult to resolve

Climax – The turning point of the action, the moment when interest and intensity reach their peak

Falling Action – Events the occur after the climax

Denouement (Resolution) – A French word that means “untying”

Theme – An important idea or message conveyed by a work of fiction

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