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Journal Entry 10/5/05
Andrew Kokanoutranon

Journal Entry #2 10/5/05

Journal: How is pride like a donut?

Pride is very much like a donut because they are both hard to “bake” and easily “eaten”. Pride takes time to achieve and so does making a donut. It is a difficult and complex process to make a donut if you don’t know how, but if you have made donuts before, the steps become easier. In this case having pride is a hard task complete, no matter what you are doing, for example, if you built a tree house all by yourself, you will have a sense of pride after the tree house is complete because you get that sense of gratitude.

Pride, like a donut, can also be easily crumbled. It takes a long time to make a donut but it takes a few minutes to eat it. If you put a lot of time into a certain task and finish it, your get a sense of pride, but when it gets destroyed your pride will fall with it. It takes a matter of a short period of time to make your pride fall, just like eating a donut.