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Journal Entry #3
Andrew Kokanoutranon

How many ways can a person be beautiful? Is there a standard of beauty all people can agree upon?

A person can be beautiful in many ways. There is no “perfect beauty”, everyone has a different view of beauty. One person’s dream of beauty can be another person’s nightmare, because I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What may be beauty to us, such as a super model, may be ugliness to another part of the world where perception of ideas and life are different from our own. Even with two people living in the same area, they may see things differently also. One’s view on beauty is what they are told that beauty is from someone else, for example, in today’s world the press and media says that wearing make-up and being skinny is beauty. What counts is inner beauty; you can be ugly outside but beautiful inside.
There is no standard of beauty that all people can agree on. One’s artwork can be a masterpiece or a disaster to another person.

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