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Journal Entry #5
Andrew Kokanoutranon

How is a window like an opportunity?

A window is like an opportunity because it has many similar traits. An opened window is like an opportunity, once it’s open, you have a choice to stay where you are at right now or go through the window for an improved future from where you are at right now. A closed window is like being rejected from an opportunity, you had a chance to go through when it was open, but when the window is closed, you have to wait until it can be opened again. The waiting process can be long or short depending on a situation. A half open window makes a difficult situation, it is barely big enough to fit through, but it is possible if you try; a half open window is an example of tough times. Life could either get better if you choose to go through the window, or life could stay the same or worsen if you choose to stay.

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