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The Marriage of King Arthur
Andrew Kokanoutranon

The Marriage of King Arthur

Andrew Kokanoutranon
Joey Maganini

* What else occurs on the day Arthur weds Guenevere?
He dubbed Gawain as a knight

* To what does King Arthur swear his knights?
Arthur makes them follow the code of conduct known as chivalry;Arthur gives the knights land, and he swears the knights to never commit murder, help the poor, and stay loyal to him.

* Explain the significance of Leodegrance's gift to Arthur.
Leodegrance gave Arthur dowry because Arthur is taking Guenevere off the hands of Leogrance.

* The King Arthur legends tell of a time in the early history of England when a belief in magic was supplanted by a belief in Christianity. What elements do you find of both magic and religion in this legend?
Merlin, the magician, is a pagan. Chivalry is an element of Christianity because it follows Christian precepts.

Understanding Chivalry:

* In your own words, summarize the code of conduct that Arthur established for his knights.
Arthur demands that the knights do not commit murder, give mercy, help gentlewomen in distress, protect the weak, and be loyal to Arthur.

* How does Merlin's response to King Arthur about marrying Guenevere fit in with the idea of chivalry?
Arthur is loyal to his lady love, Guenevere, even though he was offered any women he wanted.

* Is chivalry alive in the modern world? Use examples to support your answer.
Yes, people in the modern world are faithful to God, loyal to their country, leader, and ladylove.

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