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All Quiet Journal #3
Andrew Kokanoutranon

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All Quiet Journal #3

On the internet, briefly research life inside the trenches; evaluate what type of life these soldiers lived

Life inside the trenches was rough and very dangerous, but the time spent in the trenches was short. A soldier’s time spent in a trench was usually between one to two weeks long. They would usually spend about 15% of a year in the front line and fighting in trenches. In peace time, a soldier’s life in trenches was relatively easy and laid-back, but during war time, it was a whole different story. Snipers and artillery observers would watch carefully for oncoming attacks, but other than that, it was very quiet. I think that the soldiers felt a sense of anxiousness and fear because at anytime the enemy could attack and kill in an instance. It was almost like the soldiers were just waiting to die. 10% of the soldiers that die in the war were fighting in trenches. Soldiers lived in constant fear and tried to avoid artillery fire and poisonous gases, which can creep through the cracks and pathways leading to the most inner parts of the trenches. Besides the constant bombardment of shells and gunfire, soldiers also had to deal with the living conditions. Monstrous rats roam freely as soldiers sleep and disease kill mass numbers of troops.

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