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All Quiet Journal #4
Andrew Kokanoutranon

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All Quiet on the Western Front Journal #4

Describe the circumstance in a film or book you are familiar with in which a frightening or unpleasant situation a character feels closer to a friend

In the movie "Saving Private Ryan," a German solider is captured by an Allied battalion and is sentenced to death. The German solider asks for forgiveness and freedom, even though he killed one of the Allied troops just a few moments ago. The German solider tries to be friend the Allied troops, and does so with one of them. He becomes friends with a Jewish troop, which is very ironic. They smoke together and share their life stories while the German troop digs his own grave. The Allies took the killing of one of their own as a personal conflict, even though the German troop was fight for his life as well. By the time the German troop digs his grave, the captain realizes the situation and decides to let the German troop go.

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