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Eldorado Answers
Andrew Kokanoutranon

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The poem, Eldorado, meets the criteria of a narrative poem because it tells a story, has one character, has a conflict and resolution, and is written in stanza.

Setting: The setting is somewhere in the world that is surrounded by mountains and valleys.

Conflict: A man is in search of Eldorado

Exposition: Eldorado is a city of gold and wonders that cannot be found.

Rising action: The man loses strength and fails to complete his journey.

Climax: The man meets the pilgrim shadow and it gives the man directions to Eldorado.

Falling Action: The man cannot find Eldorado

Resolution: The man gets direction but has to ride boldly to find Eldorado.

"Mountains of the moon" – The Mountains of the moons are the challenges the man must face to find Eldorado.

"Valley of the Shadow" – The valley is also challenges that the man has to face to find eternal happiness.

The shadow – The attempt to hide something and Eldorado is hidden in the shadows, which is a place that cannot be seen or found but is known to exist.

Eldorado: Eldorado symbolizes a place of eternal happiness that every man wants to be.

Beginning: Shadow – the shadow symbolizes places that cannot be seen or found but is known to exist.

Middle: Pilgrim Shadow – symbolizes the mystery of Eldorado and death because it tells the man to keep searching until he finds it, but there is no Eldorado.

End: A sentence that includes Eldorado is at the end of each paragraph to emphasize the search of Eldorado.

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